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“There is nothing to be learned from history anymore. We are living in a science fiction now.” – Allen Ginsberg

If we have learned anything over the course of the new millennium it is this: Stability is fleeting; and if we ever imagined it to be real, the prospect has most certainly evaporated forever. As human society grapples with the great schism between growth and equality; the division being laid bare through the crippling impact of a global pandemic; we have come to realize through the harsh truth of Mother Nature’s camera eye that there will be long-lasting impacts of our benightedness on every future generation. Through 2020’s tsunamic wave of karmic retribution, Millennials and Baby Boomers alike have now realized that traditional patterns of consumption and conventional definitions of value are unsustainable. The current economic system and its centralized institutions will continue to lose pertinence and become antiquated relics in the lives of a substantial part of our society. Banks, vehicles, credit, stock markets, homeownership, nuclear families; all foundational to social organization over the last 75 years, will be replaced by new models of social, ethical and economic organization based on the reconciliatory principles of the circular economy. For the incumbent, often profit-infatuated leaders who shaped our world for many decades before the onset of the great pandemic; a loss of trust will lead to the inevitable loss of control and the eventual loss of brand relevance. What will come forth from the end of the industrial plutocracy that enriched a select few but condemned the vast majority to an existence of digital servitude? Will new models of social, ethical and economic organization built upon purposive foundations emerge? Or, will we build ever more unsustainable societies on the fragmented remains of the failed experiments that preceded them?

Politik is the first social organization to integrate meaningful human connection into the era of singularity. Through a gestalt of distinguished digital touch-points, we help our clients engage, educate and delight in the rapidly interceding post-pandemic economy. We passionately believe that adaptive, contextual, and accountable relationships are the only way forward; the only way to reset expectations, reconnect to regional resilience and reestablish trust with both clients and community. There has never been a better time to redefine, reimagine and reconstruct the face of business and how it consociates with society at large. Let us come together and co-create a formative digital platform that helps your organization unleash the power of purpose, break down the barriers of incumbency, and commit to a more equal, enlightened and prosperous society. What side of the digital divide will you be on?


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